AMAZON AND NETFLIX- The most successful marketing companies

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AMAZON AND NETFLIX -the most successful marketing companies in recent years, Amazon and Netflix are going overseas to fuel their rapid growth, but they are also finding themselves butting heads as they both seek to become the market leader for digital movie downloads. The older of the two, Amazon has been overseas longer, finding much success in the United Kingdom, Germany, and other parts of Europe. Amazon has also moved into Asia-Pacific but has found progress in emerging markets like China to be slow. Amazon acquired Love Film, a European DVD rental and movie-streaming business, to compete with Netflix.

It also opened up a massive media R&D center in London and expanded its Android-based Appstore distribution business to cover 200 countries. Netflix has expanded aggressively overseas, starting with Canada in 2010 and Latin America in 2011 and then the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Nordic countries in 2012. Although its international base of more than 6 million consumers is formidable, the company faces heavy local and regional competition and has to negotiate with local broadcasters and distributors for its streaming TV licenses. To attract new users, Netflix is emphasizing breadth of content and original programming such as the Emmy- and Golden Globe -winning political thriller “House of Cards.

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