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Employing AR and VR

Employing AR and VR can make your business more competitive by enhancing engagement with customers, revamping the customer experience, and equipping your team with more efficient tools.

It’s not easy to generate excitement among customers these days, but virtual reality and augmented reality can definitely keep customers engaged. Customer engagement is especially important when introducing new products or services, and this is where VR and AR tech really shine.

• A restaurant in Dubai called Bareburger took advantage of this feature by creating an augmented reality menu. With their Snapchat AR filter, customers can view menu items from every angle before they decide on an order. Not only was this effective in stimulating customer appetites, but it also made the interaction with the brand much more unforgettable.

IKEA uses both technologies really well. In their brick-and-mortar stores, they let prospective buyers explore design possibilities with an app and a VR headset. You can try out different fixture options and customize product colors, which definitely makes shoppers consider buying an item. IKEA also has an app called IKEA Place that utilizes AR to virtually place true-to-scale 3D models of their products around your house. Not sure if the table you want will fit in your room? That won’t be a problem because AR lets you visualize the dimensions.

Real Estate: Since buyers and renters begin looking for a home through the Internet, VR and AR can help house hunters get a feel of various locations and narrow down their choices.

Healthcare: Healthcare will benefit from new technologies that help identify patient symptoms, find veins easily, and even assist surgeons during procedures.

Tourism: You can better navigate your way through a city when you travel using AR maps and tours. Countries can also market themselves abroad with VR booths, or develop AR apps for smartphones to encourage local tourism.

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