Examples of Winning Marketing(American Express)



Skillful Marketing is a never-ending pursuit, but some businesses are adapting and thriving in these changing times, consider American express.

Launched in 2010 via radio and TV ads, social media, and PR, American express’s small Business Saturday program encouraged people to shop at smaller , local retailers on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Among business that participated, sales 28%. In 2012,American express provided social media marketing kits, e-mail templates, and signage to help spread the world. More than 350 small business organizations supported the initiative, more than 3 million users “liked” the small Business Saturday Facebook page, and 213,000 related tweets were posted on Twitter. President Obama Tweeted, “Today, support small businesses in your community by shopping at your favorite store” and took his daughters at local bookstore. American Express cardholders got a $25 rebate fir shopping at local, independent stores on small Business Saturday. The company reported a roughly 21 percent increase in transactions for both 2011 and 2012 due to the program.

Other top marketers are following suit. using a web-only campaign, BMW claimed a $110 Million revenue gain for 1-series. More than 3 million people saw a five-video teaser campaign, and 20,000 gave their contact details. BMW also targeted influential bloggers and use feedback from social media as a input to styling and sales forecasts.

Even business-o-business firms are getting into the action. corning has struggled transcending its reputation as seller of Pyrex cookware-a business it sold more than a decade ago-to its current status as makers of highly engineered specialty glass and ceramic products. To expand the vision on wall street as a company with a rich portfolio, corning created a YouTube video, “A day made of Glass… Made possible by Corning,” Unconventionally long but beautifully put together, within three weeks its attracted more than a million views. Much of the social conversation it created revolved around themes of glass, product toughness, and hope for the future —exactly what corning wanted.

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