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Job Notification

Graphic designer & video editor

Larsen & Toubro Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Responsibilities and Roles

  • Create marketing materials including flyers, presentation decks, booth mockups, emails, newsletters, social media graphics, blog posts, website pages, photographs, and videos.
  • Other services include banner and logo design, video editing, hoarding, social media posting, and GIF creation.
  • To preserve consistency with corporate brand standards, adhere to the brand rules, forms, and templates.
  • Provide sales enablement materials in conjunction with the marketing and business teams, producing and editing graphic and video content as necessary.
  • Follow the most recent design trends.
  • Edit film and video footage using current methods.
  • Preserving continuity while switching shots based on scene importance trimming video and putting the rough project together adding dialogue, music, sound effects, visuals, and special effects.
  • Create concepts for images based on the needs.

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Graphic Designer

Boardwalk Calgary, AB

  • Responsibilities
  • Design all customer-facing sales collateral, such as brochures, interior and exterior building signage, internal communications, environmental graphics, postcards, posters, infographics, print and digital adverts, social media postings, banners, and promotional items, but not only those.
  • Uphold and support current brand standards.
  • Verify that brand standards are applied correctly.
  • Inform project leaders of the requirements and due dates.
  • As necessary, create unique project designs and specialized marketing collateral.
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Social Media Marketing Manager

EY Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Your Principal Duties

  • EY’s thought leadership content is under review and advice.
  • Create and organize content for important BMC campaigns and initiatives.
  • Create fresh content strategies for channels and offer advice on them.
  • Make sure that the social media management platform used by EY has material prepared and scheduled.
  • Create and implement plans for significant brand initiatives and campaigns.
    help in managing the channel’s social media advertising tactics.
  • Develop ROI strategies for important stakeholders after evaluating social media marketing data.
    experience managing stakeholders and coordinating efforts.
  • Passionate about attracting talent, engaging consumers, and digital media.
  • Strong relationship-builder who is also a persuasive communicator.
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Associate Digital Marketing

Dentsu  Pune, Maharashtra, India

Position Description

  • accountable for managing customer accounts on a daily basis.
    Understanding customer objectives and putting these objectives outside their reach.
  • Compile, evaluate, and discuss performance reports with clients.
    Provide strategic analysis of the ad creative, landing page, etc.
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Digital Marketing Consultant

Flipkart   Bengaluru, Karnataka,


  • Oversee a group of highly qualified performance marketers and develop plans for the team in charge of digital communications, SEO, and performance marketing.
  • Driving the acquisition of high-quality users (predominantly Google SEM, Metasearch partners, Ad Networks, Affiliates & Facebook).
  • Has experience with large-scale app install efforts.
  • Proficiency with technologies like branch and appsflyer knows how to set up ASO and does so
  • To guarantee seamless tracking of campaigns and projects aimed at improving conversion rates, collaborate with the internal product and tech team.
  • Collaborate with outside Meta partners to analyze competition and growth opportunities.
  • Make sure that every campaign is organized, monitored, and driven by clear business and expansion goals.
  • Assess performance (ROI, retention, engagement, etc.) and make improvements.

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