Stages of Team Development


Forming -Characterised by
A desire for acceptance
Avoiding controversy or conflict
Being busy with routines and team organization Friendly communication
Individuals are trying to get to know each other and the organization and have not formed a commitment to the team. In consult with HR, project leaders provide direction and outline expectations. In addition, HR might use DISC (Dominant, Inspiring, Supportive, Cautious) or Myers-Briggs assessments and then facilitate a discussion about the results to help the group understand each other’s differences and operating styles.


Storming -Characterised by
Competition and confrontation between different ideas and perspectives Issues or ‘stormy waters’ forces more authentic communication

Brewing conflict
A need for clarity on roles and direction
In this typically rocky stage, team members may challenge the leader and each other. The leader coaches members on how to manage conflict and focus on goals and may ask the HR team to help facilitate related training


Norming -Characterised by
The emergence of a common goal and the rules of engagement Resistance is overcome
A greater understanding of one another’s skills and experience More effective listening and communication
After individuals have worked through conflicts, the team begins to develop. People begin to appreciate their differences and start to work together. The leader begins to serve as a facilitator, offering encouragement and guidance. HR serves as a continuing support and can facilitate discussions or offer training as needed.


Performing -Characterised by Interdependence
High morale
Common group identity Autonomous operation
At this stage, the team is fully functional, and members are able to manage their relationships and work toward shared goals. Team members feel accepted and communicate openly with the leader. The leader focuses on delegating responsibilities and must identify when the team is moving into a different stage.

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