Facts about Russia-Ukraine conflict: Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant

Facts about Russia-Ukraine conflict: Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant


1. Zaporizhzhia is the largest of Ukraine's four nuclear power plants, which together provide about half the country's electricity.

2.  This is the first time war has broken out in a country with such a large and established nuclear power programme, the International Atomic Energy Agency says.

3.Zaporizhzhia's six units each have a net capacity of 950 Megawatts electric, or a total of 5.7 Gigawatts electric, according to an IAEA database.

 4. In the early hours of 4 March the Zaporizhzhia plant in southeastern Ukraine became the first operating civil nuclear power plant to come under armed attack. Fighting between forces overnight resulted in a projectile hitting a training building within the site of the six-unit plant. Russian forces then took control of the plant. The six reactors were not affected and there was no release of radioactive material.

 5.On 24 February Ukraine informed the IAEA that Russian forces had taken control of all facilities of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. Control of the site was returned to Ukrainian personnel on 31 March.

 6. The plant has been under Russian occupation since early March but Ukrainian technicians still operate it under Russian direction.

  7. Russian leader Vladimir Putin has said UN officials will be granted permission to visit and inspect the Zaporizhzhia nuclear complex.