Glossary Of The Terms

Glossary Of The Terms


E-commerce - A company or site offers to transact or facilitate the selling of products and services online.

Discrimination- The process of recognizing differences in sets of similar stimuli and adjusting responses accordingly.

Environmental Threat -A Challenge posed by an unfavorable trend or development that would lead to lower sales or profit.

Elimination-By-Aspects- Heuristic situation in which the consumer compares brands on an attribute selected probabilistically and brands are eliminated if they do not meet minimum acceptable cutoff levels.

Everyday Low Pricing (EDLP) -In retailing, a constant low price with few or no price promotions and special sales.

Ethnographic Research -A Particular observational research approach that uses concepts and tools from anthropology and other social science disciplines to provide deep cultural understanding of how people live and work.

Durable Goods- Tangible goods that normally survive many uses by consumers, require more personal selling and service, command a higher margin, and require more seller guarantees.

Distribution Programming - Building a planned, professionally managed, vertical marketing system that meets the needs of both manufacturer and distributors.

Dumping Situation- In which a company charges either less than its costs or less than it charges in its home market in order to enter or win a market. durability a measure of a product's expected operating life under natural or stressful conditions.