Who is Liz  Truss? Some quick facts about her 

 Who is Liz  Truss? Some quick facts about her 


1. Liz Truss announced as UK's next prime minister as country tackles worsening cost-of-living crisis

 2 .Liz Truss was born in Oxford in 1975. She attended Oxford University, where she studied philosophy, politics and economics and was active in student politics

3. Liz Truss is the third female Prime Minister in Britain, after Margaret Thatcher and Theresa May .

4.Liz Truss polled a total vote of 81,326 to defeat her opponent, Rishi Sunak, who polled 60,399 votes in the Conservative Party’s election.

 5. She began her political journey as a teenage member of the centrist Liberal Democrats before switching to the right-wing Conservatives.

 6. In 2000, Truss married Hugh O’Leary, a fellow accountant; the couple has two daughters.