World-Wide New Year’s Eve Events That Are Inexpensive

Affordable Trip

Trip to locations for an affordable international New Year party Mexico's Puerto Vallarta Riviera Maya Punta Cana, Dominican Republic Honduran Roatan

You can arrange a trip to one of the following locations for an affordable international New Year’s celebration:

1. Mexico’s Puerto Vallarta

2. Mexico’s Riviera Maya 

3. Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.

4. The Honduran Island of Roatan

1. Mexico’s Puerto Vallarta –

On Mexico’s Pacific coast, in the state of Jalisco, is the lovely resort community of Puerto Vallarta. Puerto Vallarta is one of the most well-liked New Year’s celebrations in the world, famous for its breathtaking beaches, marine life, water activities, and neighbourhood resorts.

Activities in Puerto Vallarta You must experience

Whale watching

The chance to interact with amiable dolphins and sea lions while swimming with them is abundant.

Whale watching –  Is an event you must not miss if you’re in Puerto Vallarta during the winter months. Banderas Bay offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to witness whales in their natural environment.

Scuba Diving & Snorkeling –

Scuba Diving

Vallarta is the perfect place for scuba diving and snorkelling thanks to its clear, warm water and abundant marine life.



Due to its gorgeous, warm weather and crystal-clear, blue sea, Puerto Vallarta is the ideal location for sailing. While out sailing, there’s always a good chance you’ll see some amazing marine life! A sunset sailing trip is another option for taking in the stunning Puerto Vallarta sunset.

ATV (All-terrain vehicle ride) Tours –

 All-terrain vehicle ride

Beaches and jungle terrain don’t often coexist in the same location. This results in exhilarating ATV excursions.

Zip line

Zip Line

Imagine flying like a hummingbird above the canopy of a forest. That’s what zip lining is like.



Take in sweeping views of Puerto Vallarta and observe aquatic life up close.

2. Rivera Maya Mexico

Riviera Maya

It is well known for its vibrant nightlife, all-inclusive resorts, and stunning beaches. The best months to visit the Riviera Maya are November through February, when the weather is warm but not oppressively so and there is little risk of rain.

Xcaret Eco Theme Park

There are several activities available at Xcaret Eco Theme Park for people of all ages. A full day can be spent in Xcaret exploring the Mayan ruins, swimming in underground rivers, diving, watching a pre-Hispanic ballgame, and enjoying the magnificent cultural display that is performed every evening.

Xel-Ha Park-

In Xel-Ha Park, fresh and saltwater subterranean currents mix to create a unique environment that is home to tonnes of tropical fish ideal for snorkeling. Swimming with dolphins, dangling over cenotes, and floating along the river on inner tubes are all available attractions at this water theme park. You can take a rest on “Hammock Island” or embark on an ecological walking trip through the nearby jungle if you become tired of being in the water.

Aktun Chen

Three caves with underground rivers may be found in Aktun Chen, a nearly 1000-acre jungle. Visitors can see amazing geological structures during an hour-long easy walking tour of the main cave. There is a possibility to see some of the local fauna while strolling through the park’s forest walkways.

The Xaman Ha Aviary

Over 60 kinds of tropical birds can be found in the Xaman Ha Aviary, an outdoor sanctuary in Playacar. See if you can identify toucans, macaws, flamingos, egrets, herons, and other local beauties as you meander the sanctuary’s paths and trails.

Sian Ka’an Biosphere-

One of Mexico’s largest protected regions, the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve includes 2500 square miles of pristine natural beauty, including unexplored Mayan sites, freshwater canals, mangroves, lagoons, and inlets. Visitors can join in conservation efforts and learn about the area’s varied animals. There are kayak rides, fly fishing, and ecological tours of the reserve available.

 3. Punta Cana, Dominican Republic –

The region of Punta Cana is found in the eastern part of the Dominican Republic. Beautiful white sand beaches, opulent resorts, and a laid-back atmosphere are what make this destination a traveller’s paradise. In Punta Cana, tourists may go horseback riding, scuba diving, deep sea fishing, swimming with dolphins, and more while enjoying the clear sky and crystal-clear surroundings. There is also a tonne of cultural alternatives in the Dominican Republic, where tourists can tour traditional Dominican homes, sample local cuisine or beverages, or visit some of the factories that make things like cocoa, cigars, rum, and coffee.

Bavaro Beach 

Bavaro Beach

Bavaro Beach is one of the most well-liked portions of coastline on the island due to its pearly white sands, swaying palms, and lovely waves. The heavily populated area offers a tonne of resorts and restaurants in addition to providing outdoor activities and watersports.

Hoyo Azul

Hoyo Azul

The stunning Hoyo Azul, which is found in Scape Park near Cap Cana, may be the region’s most notable natural attraction. Visitors to the natural theme park can cool down in the pristine waters of the cenote before ziplining and hiking through the neighbourhood rainforest.

Hard Rock Casino Punta Cana

Hard Rock Casino Punta Cana

A great evening at the Hard Rock Casino is a welcome change of pace. The biggest in the Caribbean, it offers magnificent games, thrilling live entertainment, and delectable dining options.

Manati Park Bavaro

Manati Park Bavaro

Manati Park Bavaro, the first theme park established in the nation in 1996, offers visitors an incredible collection of exotic animals to enjoy. The main tourist destination is made unforgettable by performances by acrobatic dolphins and traditional dances. You may see over 150 different species of creatures, such as iguanas and snakes, caimans, flamingos, and parrots, while you stroll among the vibrant Caribbean plant life. Watching amusing and educative animal exhibitions is undoubtedly the best. Trick-playing sea lions and Spanish thoroughbred horses being ridden by performers.

Dolphin Island-

Dolphin Island Park

The charming Dolphin Island Park is unquestionably the place to be if you want to go on yet another unforgettable aquatic adventure. Visitors to its offshore location can swim with the magnificent animals in their native habitat and also view sharks, stingrays, and sea lions.

The Bavaro beach and the neighbouring coral barrier are separated by a tiny network of floating platforms and sea pens that are only reachable by boat. With trained dolphins around, you may swim, dive, watch them do tricks, and even snap amusing underwater pictures.

4. The Honduran Island of Roatan

The weather in Roatan is tropical. Sea breezes are part of the tropical climate in and around Roatan, which helps to keep the region’s average yearly temperature in the 70s to 80s F range. Roatan’s average annual humidity is predicted to be 77%. The average yearly temperature is 86F.

Two main seasons exist in Roatan. The two seasons are wet and dry. Even during the dry season, Roatan maintains its lushness. Visit Roatan during the rainy season, which begins in October and lasts until January each year, if you’re searching for a dramatic setting.

Roatan’s primary industry for a long time was fishing. Early on, it provided practically all of its economy’s fuel. The principal industries on Roatan have changed throughout time, with the Scuba Diving sector and tourism, in general, taking the lead. Today, there are two cruise ship terminals on Roatan that accept cruise ships on a weekly basis, and frequently more than once per week. A daily influx of visitors to Roatan is handled by the island’s international airport. Several national and local airports provide incoming aircraft.

Things You Can Do in Honduran Island of Roatan

Shop for regional specialties

The largest settlement on the island, Coxen Hole, is where you may buy handmade items or original artwork for loved ones. Gifts like handcrafted jewelry, Garifuna art, straw baskets, and Lenca pottery are good choices.

Roatan Experience With Windstar Cruises

Even though a large number of tourists visit Roatan’s shores every year, it is still a less popular Caribbean location. Roatan merits a spot on your vacation wish list since it offers quick access to one of the largest coral systems in the world and some of the most breathtaking beaches you will ever see. Furthermore, its attraction is not limited to its beaches and reef system. The interior of Roatan is abundant in wildlife, and the people are welcoming.

Zip Line Through the Jungle

Roatan is a great place for zip lines because of its interior of lush mountains. On the island, there are many zip-line excursions to pick from, including options nearby everything.

Take a horseback ride on the sand

The stunning beaches of Roatan can be enjoyed in an unforgettable fashion by horseback. Whether you choose to ride along the beach or through the bush, Roatan offers a variety of horseback riding excursions. You can ride your animal partner into the water while swimming on horseback for a more novel experience. At Little French Key, a small private island off the southern coast of Roatan, you may go horseback riding and swimming.

Experience World-Class Diving

Roatan is well-known for its scuba diving chances because of the Mesoamerican Reef’s proximity to its coasts. Done your diving gear and explore swim-throughs, caves, and shipwrecks. During your dive, get up and personal with a variety of marine creatures, including stingrays, sea turtles, and curious nurse sharks. Roatan is an accessible diving location that is great for both novices and experienced divers because of its tranquil, clear water.

Befriend the wildlife

Have you ever wanted to spend time with a sloth or go dolphin swimming? For animal enthusiasts, the island of Roatan offers a variety of thrilling wildlife encounters. You could engage with sloths, monkeys, and exotic birds at Daniel Johnson’s Monkey and Sloth Hangout, for instance. Consider going to Anthony’s Key Resort if you want to go swimming. You have the option to play, snorkel, or dive with dolphins as part of one of the many dolphin programmes offered here.

Give Your Taste Buds a Cultural Immersion

If you enjoy exploring various cuisines when travelling, Roatan has a lot to offer. The island offers big traditional meals that can keep you full for hours in addition to wonderful fish. Baleadas, which often consist of beans, cheese, and sour cream wrapped inside homemade tortillas, and anafres, a beloved Honduran appetiser, are two meals you must try. Refried black beans and cheese are combined to make an anafres fondue, which is served in a clay pot with tortilla chips.

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